DFit D21スマートブレスレットハートレートモニタースマートバンドブレスレットフィットネストラッカースポーツ歩数計の手首

DFit D21スマートブレスレットハートレートモニタースマートバンドブレスレットフィットネストラッカースポーツ歩数計の手首

DFit D21スマートブレスレットハートレートモニタースマートバンドブレスレットフィットネストラッカースポーツ歩数計の手首

D21 Smart bracelet product details URL:

Model: DFit D21
1.Model: D21 Smart Band
2.Memory size: 256k
3.Acceleration sensor: triaxial accelerometer
4.Strap: medical silicone
5.Display: 0.66OLED screen
6.Vibration motor: cylindrical vibration motor
7.Operation way: touch operation
8.Battery Capacity: 80mAh (Standby time will depend on the actual using situation.)
9.Standby Time: About 3-5 days
10.Waterproof : IP65
11.Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.0
12.Rapid brush Metro BUS, can be customized set up the city
(Built-in NFC chip)
13.Support System:Android phone(Android 4.3 or above and bluetooth 4.0), and iPhone (iOS 8.0 or above and bluetooth 4.0)
The main function:
Heart rate monitor, caller ID, text messaging, micro-channel, vibration
Step count, distance, calorie consumption
Time display, sleep monitoring, camera, anti-lost reminder
Smart alarm clock, smart unlock
Sports information sharing
Firmware Upgrade
Sedentary reminder
Motion Tracking

This product contains magnetic parts, has installed a pacemaker or implanted electronic devices or metal objects, please do not use this product.
When such wear, symptoms appear, please stop using the product immediately.
If you use sub-standard power charging will shorten battery life, and even damage the battery.
Our bracelet sealed process, anti-sweat, to meet the daily water, such as hand , etc., but does not support swimming, diving grade waterproof.

Package include:
1 * Bracelet
1 * Charging Cable
1 * User manual (note:English)

Welcome to our store ,we will ship out all order within 3 days,and it will take 4-7days send to your home,thank you

平均配送日数7~14 営業日
商品説明DFit D21 Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor Smart Band Bracelet Fitness Tracker Sport Pedometer Wristband for Android IOS

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