A6 / B6 / A5クリエイティブビジネスノートノートパスワードロックジャーナル日記シークレットガーデンブックオフィス&

A6 / B6 / A5クリエイティブビジネスノートノートパスワードロックジャーナル日記シークレットガーデンブックオフィス&

A6 / B6 / A5クリエイティブビジネスノートノートパスワードロックジャーナル日記シークレットガーデンブックオフィス&

Two kinds of Cover patterns
dandelion( loose-leaf pages )
secret( thread-bound pages );
Pirate(retro style rudder pattern,thread-bound pages).

100% Band New and High Quality!

1 Meet by chance, secret garden notebook
2 Smooth lines, exquisite secret garden prints, full of fashion sense!
3 Exquisite PU leather, color flashing charming, Feel comfortable and delicate, wear resistance and long service life
4 High grade hardware password lock, enter the correct password to open, cleverly protect your privacy
5 Can be used for office, you can also go on a trip with it, easy to take notes, diaries, memos, etc.
6 This book is A5 size,Very thick, you can enjoy writing, can be used for a very long time
7 This High-quality popular notebook we can buy as a birthday gift for family and friends, colleagues, etc.
8 Really as a gift to send the right, friends must be very like!

Cover material: leather
Cover: black, yellow, orange, rose red, blue, green
Size: A5 Size-21.5x14.5x3.0 cm / 8.5x5.7x1.19 inch
Thickness 30mm
Page:128 pages
Weight: 700g

Package includes: 1 x Notebook
Not including the pen

Password manual:
1. The lock factory password is set to 0-0-0.
2. When the password is 0-0-0, push the button to the left to open it.
3. Follow the steps of the picture.
Hope to be able to help you!
Have a good shopping!
Welcome to our store ,we will ship out all order within 3 days,and it will take 4-7days send to your home,thank you

平均配送日数7~14 営業日
商品説明A6/B6/A5 Creative Business Affairs Notebook Password Lock Journal Diary Secret Garden Book Office & School Supplies(6 Colors)

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