300000mAhポータブルパワーバンクポータブル充電器、4つのUSBポートLED Ligを持つ外部バッテリ電源バンク

300000mAhポータブルパワーバンクポータブル充電器、4つのUSBポートLED Ligを持つ外部バッテリ電源バンク

300000mAhポータブルパワーバンクポータブル充電器、4つのUSBポートLED Ligを持つ外部バッテリ電源バンク

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商品説明300000mAh Portable Power Bank Portable Charger, 4 USB Ports External Battery Power Bank With LED Light
300000mah huge capacity: Can fully charge iPhone7 Plus 6 times, Galaxy S8 4 times, iPad Pro 1.5 times,with most phones you will get 5-10 full charges of your phone with this power bank.
Four Output Ports: All output port is 5V/2.1A , you can charge 4 devices at the same time, the device's charging capacity is powerful, you can also share with your friends.
LED display and lights: 300000mah power bank with LED display, you can display the remaining power, so you clearly know when to charge the power bank. Side there is a LED light, in the dark to give you light.
Nine security protection modes: to prevent excessive charging, excessive discharge, the voltage is too high, the current is too large, too much power, high temperature, circuit short circuit, reverse charge, battery instability.

Number of USB interface: Four USB Port
Battery Type: Li-battery
Size: 166 (L) 80(W) 22 (H) mm
Input voltage: 5V DC
Output voltage: 5V DC
Input Current: 2.1 (max)
Output Current: Port1 5V/2.1A, Port2 5V/2.1A, Port3 5V/2.1A, Port4 5V/2.1A
Size:16.6 X 8.3 X 2.1cm/6.54 X 3.27 X 0.83inch
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DIRTY PEACH ランチョンマット PVC 撥水 2枚組 パプリカ オレンジ st210405 あたたかい 300000mAhポータブルパワーバンクポータブル充電器、4つのUSBポートLED Ligを持つ外部バッテリ電源バンク

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グッチ エンヴィ ミー オードトワレ EDT 30mL 品質保証 品質保証 300000mAhポータブルパワーバンクポータブル充電器、4つのUSBポートLED Ligを持つ外部バッテリ電源バンクグッチ バイグッチ プルミエール EDT 30mL【レア】

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